A Portrait of Lynn

Hi, I'm Lynne.

For years, making beautiful skin care products was just a way for me to treat my loved ones and let my creative juices flow. My friends and family kept coming back for more, so I created the Fabulous Fennyl to meet their demand!

Using high quality ingredients and an artistic flair, I have created a thriving marketplace for natural skin care products. I pride myself in using ingredients my customers can recognize, and I invest my love and artistry into every unique product. 

Where to find Fennyl

Based in Westerville, Ohio, my skincare creations come straight from my garden and kitchen and into your homes.

While one of my joys is to meet you all at local markets and vendor fairs, COVID-19 has put these pop-up events on pause for now. In the meantime, you can find The Fabulous Fennyl on the following social media platforms: